Effective Ways for Mold Removal and Water Damage

Water damage is a serious problem that will cost you more money when not treated and dealt with properly. It does not only damage wood furniture, household appliances, house structures, and upholstery but will also increase growth of mold. Removing mold and water damage can be a tedious job. You can hire a Texas property restoration company to clean up the mold and repair the cause of water damage. However, there are also simple but effective ways for mold removal and water damage that you can do to maintain and improve your home:

  1. Preventive Maintenance

Regular home maintenance and inspection will help a lot in preventing the cause of mold and water damage. In your simple ways, you can do regular inspection of faucets and pipes or roof. Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid possible water damage or water leaks that may cause mold. It is also the key to minimize or cut down expenses. Prevention is a whole lot cheaper compared to repairs or replacement.

  1. Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters ensure that drainage is good while clogged gutters result in water cascades down the sides of the house, thus damage or affect the siding, foundation, windows, and doors of the house. Cleaning the gutter can be done personally but if you opt to hire a professional cleaning company, it will not cost you that much.

  1. Extract Moisture

When molds already appeared, the first thing to do is to remove and extract moisture to immediately stop the growth of mold. Let the area dry out by opening the windows and running the fans. To remove moisture faster, you can also use a dehumidifier.

  1. Clean the Molds

Now that you have stopped and extracted the moisture, it is time to clean the entire area. Move all the items stored in the area and clean the whole room, especially the walls, ceilings, and floor. Soap and chlorine can be useful to disinfect or remove mold growths. If you have carpets and upholstery, let them dry out under direct sunlight, too. Sunlight kills molds more effectively.

  1. Clean the Furniture and Fixture

The water damage may also have affected the furniture and fixture or you may have noticed mold growth on the surface of wooden desks and furniture. The best thing to remove molds from furniture and fixture is to wipe them out using rags with denatured alcohol. This will clean the wood but will not affect the finish or paint of the furniture. You may also spray disinfectant on wood surfaces after drying out the alcohol.

These simple steps are proven effective for home maintenance and home improvement. These are also helpful steps to clean and remove molds due to water damage. If you notice that not all molds are gone, you may repeat the cleaning process and the disinfect procedures. You may also choose to hire the cleaning experts for an affordable rate to ensure that the causes and effects of molds and water damage is properly treated and dealt with.